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July 23, 2016
|  filed under: Senior Photography

Belleville West Highschool | St. Louis Senior Photography

Q – Who is your favorite style icon, celebrity, or fashionista?
A – Nicki Minaj

Q – What is your favorite quote or piece of advice someone has given you?
A – “Dance like no ones watching.”

Q – What was your favorite part of your Senior portrait experience with DCCP?
A – I loved the hair and makeup part. I’ve never been done up by anyone other than myself.

Q – Tell us about your experience with DCCP.
A – I started off getting my hair and makeup in the AM and had a lot of fun. Me and my mom followed Dawn to various spots in STL. We had a lot of new experiences and just went with the flow. It seemed to work best rolling with the punches. Had a fun-filled day and was exhausted by the end in the best way.

Q – Now we would like to hear from Mom! Tell us about your experience with DCCP.
A – Madeline and I had a great day. Dawn had amazing ideas and locations. All of Madeline’s pictures turned out way better than you’d ever imagine. Every picture is unique in its own way. Very difficult to choose. I would definitely recommend DCCP to everyone for ANY photography needs.